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These research articles involve many aspects of psychology such as cognitive psychology, depression studies, mental health, stress, happiness and neuropsychology, Scroll below for more specific categories.

This is a pencil drawing of a cardinal singing.
Linguistics and biology researchers propose a new theory on the deep roots of human speech. A new study suggests human language is a grafting of two communication forms found elsewhere in the animal kingdom: first, the elaborate songs of birds, and second, the more utilitarian, information-bearing types of expression seen in a diversity of other animals.
The image shows a section of the sheet music score for The Music of Bohemia.
A new study is to investigate whether music affects the health of cancer patients by soothing them and making them less anxious. Depending on the outcomes, future research could hone in on how much anxiety levels decreased after music therapy and how reduced anxiety affects a patient's recovery time, complications and willingness to comply with treatment.
The image shows a lego man acting as a gatekeeper for the brain activity to neuronal growth.
Researchers identify a protein that appears to be the target of both antidepressant drugs and electroconvulsive therapy. The experimental results explain how these therapies likely work to relieve depression by stimulating stem cells in the brain to grow and mature.