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This shows wild psilocybin cyanescens mushrooms
Psilocybin, the psychoactive compound found in magic mushrooms, is as effective at treating depression as conventional SSRI antidepressants. Researchers report, that although not significantly significant, early findings reveal those treated with psilocybin experienced more rapid and greater reductions in depression symptoms than those treated with SSRIs. Read More
This shows an older gentleman smiling
Older adults are more likely to make an effort to help others, a new study reports. Researchers found, when faced with tasks that required more effort, older adults were more likely to offer help than younger people. By contrast, younger adults were more selfish and put in higher levels of effort for self-benefit. Read More
This shows a man reading a book with the word "conspiracies" written on the cover
People are reporting an uptick in personal "doomscrolling" activities online. Marked by consuming excessive amounts of negative content during one sitting, doomscrolling may be linked to anxiety. Researchers provide suggestions about how people can halt doomscrolling activities. Read More
This shows a lady mopping her kitchen floor
Spending time performing household chores may help to improve brain health, especially for older adults. Researchers found older adults who spent more time engaging in housework had greater brain volume, specifically in the frontal lobe and hippocampus, brain areas associated with memory and cognition. Read More
This shows two signs pointing in different directions. One says stress and other other reads relax
Increased sensitivity in the locus coeruleus-norepinephrine system in the brain drives the development of anxiety in depression. The findings shed new light on the neurobiological mechanisms behind stress resilience. Read More
This shows brain scans from the study
Neuroimaging study reveals structural and functional differences in brain areas associated with emotional regulation in those with personality traits linked to psychopathy or antisocial personality disorder. Read More

These research articles involve depression, seasonal affective disorders, grief, pain, sadness, happiness and generally news regarding mental health research.

This shows the outline of a girl's head and a maze
Corporal punishment may detrimentally harm brain development, a new study reports. Previous studies have revealed links between spanking and psychological problems, including depression and anxiety. The new study found children who experienced spanking as a form of punishment demonstrated greater activation in areas of the prefrontal cortex in response to fearful stimuli. Read More