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This shows a sad little girl
When it comes to coercive control in parental relationships, the children aren't just passive witnesses. Children exposed to coercive control experience problems with social-emotional and physical development, and broader family functioning outcomes such as strained relationships with their parents or experiencing harsher parenting. Children also often exhibit behavioral and psychological challenges.
This shows a man holding his back in pain
Chronic pain in mice activates Tiam1 in pyramidal neurons in the anterior cingulate cortex, increasing the number of dendritic spines and inducing synaptic plasticity. Ketamine's antidepressant effect in chronic pain is mediated by the drug blocking Tiam1-dependent maladaptive synaptic plasticity in ACC neurons.
This shows a happy woman in a corn flower field
The state of gratitude lowers systolic blood pressure response through stress-testing experiences, demonstrating that gratitude has a unique buffering effect against both reactions to and recovery from psychological stress.

These research articles involve depression, seasonal affective disorders, grief, pain, sadness, happiness and generally news regarding mental health research.