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Psychological loss, be it from job loss or the death of a loved one, affects well-being immensely, yet its molecular mechanism in the brain remains enigmatic. Researchers utilized the method of enrichment removal (ER) to discern these elusive processes. The study spotlighted a specific brain area central to psychological loss and unveiled potential molecular targets to mitigate its adverse effects.
Researchers discovered that neural activity in the left ventral temporoparietal junction (vTPJ) and the lateral anterior temporal lobe (lATL) during sentence processing is tied to social-semantic working memory. Previously, these regions were attributed to general language processing. Using fMRI experiments, the study demonstrated that these regions respond to sentences with social meaning and maintain activity even after the linguistic stimulus is gone. This insight reshapes our understanding of the brain's cortical language network.
A new study reveals that fathers engaging in interactive activities with their children, such as reading and playing, significantly improve their kids' primary school performance. Analysis of the Millennium Cohort Study showed children of involved dads performed better by ages five and seven.

These research articles involve depression, seasonal affective disorders, grief, pain, sadness, happiness and generally news regarding mental health research.