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Contrary to expectations, researchers found older adults who live in countries with greater age bias had better health outcomes than those who lived in countries with less age bias. The study found older people tend to live longer in countries with more negative attitudes toward the aging population.
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Researchers have identified specific neurological biomarkers for ADHD in the brain. The study revealed those with ADHD had abnormal connectivity in brain areas associated with memory processing and auditory processing, and thinning of the brain's cortex.
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Low-to-moderate stress may be beneficial for your brain function, especially when it comes to working memory. However, when stress levels rise above moderate levels, they can become toxic.
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People with PTSD had a 9% increased risk of hospitalization and an 8% increased risk of death following contracting COVID-19 than people without the disorder. Those with psychosis had a 58% increased risk of death associated with COVID-19, and those with bipolar disorder had a 29% increased risk of dying from coronavirus.
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One-quarter of teens and young adults engaged in episodes of self-harm on more than one occasion. Repeated self-harm episodes are more likely to occur during the first year of the first episode, with the greatest risk within the first month.

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