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Children who experience early life adversity experience faster biological aging than children with no history of exposure to abuse. Trauma was associated with biological aging in early puberty, cellular aging, and alterations in brain structure. The findings may explain why children who experienced adversity early in life often suffer poor health as they age. Read More
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Bipolar disorder affects about 1% of the population and typically begins during adolescence. Researchers explain the biological, psychological, and behavioral implications of bipolar disorder. Read More
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Study reveals Google searches for information about financial difficulties and disaster relief increased significantly during March and April compared to pre-pandemic months, while searches related to suicide decreased. Previous research found financial distress was strongly linked to suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Researchers warn that, despite the decrease in searches related to suicide directly, the increase in searches linked to financial hardship may be an indicator of increased death rates from suicide. Read More
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Researchers have developed a new technique that can potentially link serial killer victims based on subtle facial similarities. The concept was based on the victims' notorious killer, Ted Bundy, selected for his crimes. The researchers found a number of the victims had similar facial geometrics than those randomly selected from a public database. The application of the research could be a new tool to help law enforcement working on unsolved cases, linking victims to known killers. Read More