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Researchers look deeper into animal emotions for clues about decision making. New approaches in the study of animal behavior allow researchers to study the effects of optimistic and pessimistic moods on animal behavior.
Neuroscience researchers suggest that utilizing fMRI studies could help to provide biomarkers for the diagnosis of depression. A recent fMRI study of patients with depression showed marked abnormal activations in the medial prefronal cortex. Researchers believe that by identifying the neurobiological markers for depression, psychiatrists can tailor medications and therapies to suit the needs of individual patients.
A study published in October's Cortex has shown young people who regularly play video games have an advantage in performing tasks which require visuomotor skills. The study also found that gamers show increased activity in the prefrontal cortex when asked to perform visuomotor tasks. By contrast, non-gamers had more reliant use of the parietal cortex, an area which involves hand-eye coordination, when performing visuomotor tasks.
A large study of 70-year-olds born in either 1901-1902, or 1930, provides evidence that the population of 70-year-olds in 2000 did much better on intelligence tests than the 70-year-olds of 1971-72.

These research articles involve depression, seasonal affective disorders, grief, pain, sadness, happiness and generally news regarding mental health research.

Researchers have developed a new framework explaining how antidepressants, like SSRIs, treat major depressive disorder (MDD) by restoring brain connectivity rather than correcting a serotonin imbalance. Their findings emphasize the continued importance of these medications despite shifting public opinion. This new understanding could improve patient-clinician conversations about depression treatment.

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Research news involving schizotypal personality, anxiety, paranoia, unconventional thoughts and beliefs is covered.