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This shows a blood test tube with covid19 written on it

FDA approves Houston Methodist for COVID-19 plasma therapy

On Saturday, the FDA approved Houston Methodist to conduct transfused plasma therapy for the treatment of COVID-19. The plasma will be donated from recovered COVID-19 patients and transfused into those critically ill with the virus. Researchers have already begun recruiting donors in the Houston area who have recovered from coronavirus. The first donor was a patient in the Houston Metropolitan area who has been in good health for two weeks following COVID-19 infection.... Read More...
This shows covid19 on a computer monitor

Experimental AI tool predicts which COVID-19 patients develop respiratory disease

AI model determined three key features that accurately predict subsequent, severe disease in COVID-19 patients. The three features were levels of the liver enzyme ALT, reported myalgia, and hemoglobin levels. Based on these three factors, the AI was able to determine ARDS risk with 80% accuracy.... Read More...