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Transcranial photobiomodulation (tPBM), a laser therapy delivered to the right prefrontal cortex appears to improve short-term memory in both human and animal models. The therapy, which is non-invasive and has no side effects, could help treat those with short-term memory deficits.
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Many people turn to dating apps to find companionship and love, however, researchers say sexual predators are using dating apps to secure new victims. A new study reveals 14% of rapes committed by an acquaintance occurred as a result of meeting via a dating app. Victims with mental illnesses and other vulnerabilities were the most targeted, and the attacks were significantly more violent.

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Retrofitting wireless earbuds to detect neural signals and relaying the data back to smartphones via Bluetooth, researchers say the new earEEG system could have multiple applications, including health monitoring.
This cartoon shows a person thinking of a word and the word appearing on a monitor
A new brain-computer interface could help thousands of people with neurodegenerative disorders and spinal cord injuries the ability to regain communication skills. The BCI, in combination with a machine learning algorithm, can generate words on a screen, based on a person thinking about writing the word.

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