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Featured articles from the front page of NeuroscienceNews.com are offered. Neuroscience topics such as neurology, psychology, electrophysiology, brain trauma, neuroscience research, concussions and more are posted.

Milwaukee Neuroscience Conference To Explore The Inner Workings Of The Brain

Leading neuroscience researchers will be attending a conference in Milwaukee this month. The conference will focus on obtaining better insights into the inner workings of the brain to better understand thinking, brain development and neurological diseases. Some key neuroscience presentations will include Neuropsychiatric Disorders, The Genetics of Brain Connectivity and The Mathematical Modeling of Brain Regions.... Read More...

Two Steps During LTP Remodel Internal Skeleton Of Dendritic Spines

Neuroscience researchers have discovered how a structural component within neurons performs coordinated movements when connections are strengthened. Researchers also distinguished two separate steps during long term potentiation which are involved in remodeling the internal "skeletons" of dendritic spines. The research could be influential in providing further understanding of many neurological, cognitive and neurodegenerative diseases.... Read More...