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This cartoon shows a person thinking of a word and the word appearing on a monitor
A new brain-computer interface could help thousands of people with neurodegenerative disorders and spinal cord injuries the ability to regain communication skills. The BCI, in combination with a machine learning algorithm, can generate words on a screen, based on a person thinking about writing the word.
This is an EEG print out from the study
Eight sessions of mindfulness-based awareness training give participants a significant edge in their ability to control brain-computer interfaces and the time it took to achieve proficiency over those who did not experience meditation training.

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This shows a woman's head overlayed with a computerized brain image
A new study finds those with Machiavellian personality traits are more open to the prospect of mind uploading once the technology becomes available. The study raises concerns about those with dark triad personality traits could disproportionately adopt the technology and supports concerns about antisocial use of artificial general intelligence.