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This shows a fading woman sitting in a forest
Virtual reality is helping researchers uncover some of the secrets of anxiety. Using VR, study participants were able to distinguish between safe and dangerous environments in a game. However, brain scans of those with anxiety showed increased activity in the insula and dorsomedial prefrontal cortex while in a safe zone, indicating their brains were associating the safe environment with threat or danger.

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Retrofitting wireless earbuds to detect neural signals and relaying the data back to smartphones via Bluetooth, researchers say the new earEEG system could have multiple applications, including health monitoring.
This cartoon shows a person thinking of a word and the word appearing on a monitor
A new brain-computer interface could help thousands of people with neurodegenerative disorders and spinal cord injuries the ability to regain communication skills. The BCI, in combination with a machine learning algorithm, can generate words on a screen, based on a person thinking about writing the word.

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