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This shows two heads with a psychedelic background
MDMA shows promise for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. Combining the use of Ecstasy with psychotherapy treatments resulted in a reduction of PTSD symptoms after just one session. 54% of the study participants no longer met the PTSD criteria after two sessions. Patients also reported improvements in depression symptoms.

These research articles involve depression, seasonal affective disorders, grief, pain, sadness, happiness and generally news regarding mental health research.

Researchers developed an AI algorithm that, by analyzing brain scans and clinical information, can predict within a week whether an antidepressant will work for patients with major depression disorder. This method could potentially avoid unnecessary prescriptions of sertraline, a commonly used antidepressant, by identifying non-responders early, thus offering better patient care and reducing side effects.
A new study suggests a novel link between depression and higher body temperatures, analyzing data from over 20,000 participants worldwide. While the causal relationship remains unclear, findings indicate that body temperature increases with the severity of depression symptoms, offering a potential new avenue for treatment.

Schizophrenia News

Research news involving schizotypal personality, anxiety, paranoia, unconventional thoughts and beliefs is covered.

A new study reveals that patients with schizophrenia or depression struggle with optimal information utilization in learning processes. Using EEG and advanced computer modeling, researchers found that these patients place greater emphasis on less important information, leading to suboptimal decision-making.