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Many of us feel obligated to perform acts for loved ones, such as calling more frequently or running an errand for an elderly friend, during this time of social distancing. Researchers report low-level obligations and acts of kindness can help strengthen relationships, while more substantive obligations can put a strain on relationships.
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EmoNet, a new convolutional neural network, can accurately decode images into eleven distinct emotional categories. Training the AI on over 25,000 images, researchers demonstrate image content is sufficient to predict the category and valence of human emotions.
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Only 45% of patients with major depressive disorder find benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). A neuroimaging study reveals those who respond to CBT have greater neural activity in the right striatum and right amygdala pretreatment than those who find little benefit from the treatment. The findings could serve as a biomarker to discover who will respond to CBT.

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