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Miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy may trigger long-term post-traumatic stress

Ectopic pregnancy and early miscarriage can trigger lasting PTSD in one in six women. A month after pregnancy loss, 29% of women reported PTSD symptoms. 24% of women suffered moderate to severe anxiety, and 11% of women reported moderate to severe depression. Following up after nine months, 18% reported continuing PTSD symptoms, 17% reported severe anxiety, and 6% of women said they still experienced severe depression as a result of the loss of pregnancy.... Read More...
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Veteran study details genetic basis for anxiety, links anxiety and depression

A large genome-wide study of over 200,000 veterans reveals six genetic variants linked to anxiety. Some of the variants have previously been linked to risk factors for PTSD, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. The findings provide the first convincing molecular explanation for the link between depression and anxiety.... Read More...