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Supportive relationships in childhood leads to longer lives

Closer social relationships in childhood and being raised by a family with higher socioeconomic status was linked to people being more optimistic during midlife and increased chances of living to an older age. Those who were more disadvantaged growing up and experienced psychosocial stressors tended to experience more stressful events during midlife and had an increased risk of early death.... Read More...
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Poor oral health linked to cognitive decline and perceived stress

Poor oral health has been linked to cognitive decline and increased symptoms of stress. Stress increases symptoms of dry mouth, which can lead to poor overall oral health. Those with tooth related symptoms, such as toothaches and cavities, are more likely to experience declines in cognition and episodic memory.... Read More...
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Parental burnout can lead to harmful outcomes for parent and child

Psychologists warn parental burnout needs to be taken more seriously by both partners and clinicians. A new study reveals burnt out parents experience escape ideations, and show an increased risk of neglect and violence toward their children. Supporting a parent experiencing burnout by letting them relax and avoid exhaustion reduces negative feelings and is also good for the children.... Read More...