Research articles covering work related to austism spectrum disorders are provided below.

Image shows a child standing under a street lamp alone

Perturbed genes regulating white blood cells linked to autism genetics and severity

Blood gene expression analysis uncovered a critical gene network that is disrupted in Autism. The disrupted gene network is related to fetal brain development and is also dysregulated in ASD cellular models. The findings provide further evidence that genetic factors influencing brain development during pregnancy are a primary cause of autism spectrum disorder.... Read More...
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Low-cost blood pressure drug improves brain function in individuals with autism

Propranolol, a common 'beta-blocker' drug used to control blood pressure, could be a promising new treatment for those on the autism spectrum. The medication improved cognitive performance and positively altered the frontal-parietal control network, an area of the brain associated with word and information processing, in those with ASD.... Read More...
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Brain imaging shows how nonverbal children with autism have slower response to sounds

Nonverbal children on the autism spectrum have a slower response to auditory stimulation. The longer response times were associated with poor communication skills. Brain imaging of the auditory cortex could serve as a biomarker for measuring the likelihood of language impairment in those with ASD.... Read More...
This shows a pregnant woman holding her belly

Early maternal anemia tied to intellectual disability, ADHD and autism

Children born to mothers diagnosed with anemia before the 31st week of pregnancy were at a higher risk of developing ADHD, ASD, and other intellectual disabilities than children born to mothers diagnosed with anemia during the final weeks of pregnancy. The risk of being diagnosed with autism was 4.9% higher for those born to mothers who experienced early pregnancy anemia. For ADHD, those born to anemic mothers had a 9.3% higher risk than those born to mothers who developed the condition during late pregnancy.... Read More...
This shows a teenage girl's face

Some children with autism more able to read thoughts and feelings from facial expressions than previously thought

A new study questions the theory that adolescents on the autism spectrum have trouble identifying different emotions expressed on the faces of others. The findings revealed adolescents with ASD have similar accuracy, response times, and fixation on facial features as their neurotypical peers when asked to infer mental states from faces.... Read More...
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Gene linked to autism undergoes changes in men’s sperm after cannabis use

Marijuana use alters a gene associated with autism in sperm. Hypomethylation was identified in the DLGAP2 gene in the sperm of male rats exposed to THC. The hypomethylated state was also detected in the forebrains of their offspring. Further research is needed to establish if there is a definitive link between paternal cannabis use and ASD in humans.... Read More...