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This shows the Kelly twins

NASA’s Landmark Twins Study Reveals Resilience of Human Body in Space

NASA scientists have published the results of the Kelly Twin Study, which revealed how the body adapts to life in space, compared to life on Earth. The findings revealed that, in space, telomeres are unexpectedly longer, the immune system responds appropriately, and variability in gene expression alters.... Read More...
This shows the differences in ceramide levels in those with a higher BMI

Body mass index may play a significant role in the progression of multiple sclerosis

Obesity and a higher body mass index negatively impacts the progression of Multiple Sclerosis. Ceramides are more abundant in the blood of those who are overweight. The ceramides enter inside the nucleus of monocytes, causing proliferation. The increased number of monocytes travel back to the brain, causing more damage for those with RRMS.... Read More...
This shows a person holding up a gender sign on a piece of paper

Transgender men and women may have higher heart attack risk

Transgender men have a four times higher risk of heart attack than cisgender women, and twice the rate of heart attack than cisgender males. For transgender women, the risk of heart attack is twice the risk as in cisgender women. However, there is no significant difference in risk between transgender women and cisgender males.... Read More...