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Parkinson’s disease

a brain

ADHD May Increase Parkinson’s Risk

A new study reports those with ADHD are at an increased risk of developing Parkinson's disease. The study reveals people with ADHD are twice as likely to develop early onset Parkinson's between the ages of 21-66. Additionally, those who are prescribed stimulant medications to help reduce ADHD symptoms, including Ritalin and Adderal, are at a 6-8 times increased risk of developing Parkinson's.... Read More...
a heart

Researchers Trace Parkinson’s Damage in the Heart

By the time typical symptoms of Parkinson's appear and patients are diagnosed with the disease, 60% of people experience significant damage to the heart's connections to the sympathetic nervous system. Researchers have investigated where inflammation and oxidative stress occur in the heart, and how this relates to heart problems associated with Parkinson's.... Read More...