corpus callosum

This shows neurons

Researchers catalog dozens of mutations in crucial brain development gene

Researchers have identified 107 mutations in the RNA helicase DDX3X that cause cortical malformations in the developing brain. As the DDX3X gene is carried by the X chromosome, the associated developmental problems are more likely to occur in females. In severe cases, the functional changes in DDX3X resulted in a smaller or missing corpus callosum. Almost all of the mutations occurred de novo, meaning they happened during early development rather than being inherited from a parent. Researchers say the malfunction can now be considered to be a development disability syndrome.... Read More...
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Determined DNA hunt reveals schizophrenia clue

NAPRT1, a gene that encodes an enzyme involved in vitamin B3 metabolism, may be a risk factor for schizophrenia. Knocking out the gene in zebrafish models, researchers discovered brain development became impaired. Without NAPRT1, the fish brains failed to divide symmetrically, which is significant as defects in the corpus callosum have been identified in those with schizophrenia.... Read More...