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Researchers examined over fifty years of research to highlight the profound impact of sleep loss on emotional well-being. Analyzing data from 154 studies with 5,715 participants, the research team found that sleep deprivation leads to a decrease in positive emotions and an increase in anxiety symptoms.
Researchers conducted a pilot clinical trial showing that spinal cord stimulation (SCS) is a feasible and well-tolerated method with potential to treat major depressive disorder. The trial involved 20 patients undergoing three weekly 20-minute SCS sessions over eight weeks.
Researchers made a significant breakthrough in understanding the genetic basis of anxiety disorders (ADs), which affect over 280 million people globally. By analyzing the spatiotemporal transcriptomic data of AD-associated genes in human brains, they identified two distinct gene clusters with specific expression patterns in the cerebral nuclei, midbrain, and limbic system, areas previously linked to AD behaviors.
A recent survey reveals that the holiday season is more stressful than tax season for many Americans, impacting their mental and physical health. Conducted in December 2023, the survey encompassed 1,000 U.S. adults, finding that 63% consider the holidays more stressful due to the balance of work, family, and festive events.
A new study reveals that apes possess a remarkably long-lasting social memory, comparable to humans. Researchers found that chimpanzees and bonobos can recognize former groupmates they haven't seen for over 25 years, showing more attention to those they had positive relationships with.
Researchers uncovered the protective effects of physical and social activities on brain health in older adults. Analyzing data from a 12-year longitudinal study, researchers focused on the entorhinal cortex, vital for learning and memory and vulnerable in Alzheimer's disease.
Researchers revealed a crucial link between cellular metabolism and major depressive disorder, particularly in treatment-refractory cases and suicidal ideation. This research found specific blood metabolites that differ in people with depression, providing new biomarkers for risk assessment.
Researchers have debunked the "beer goggles" myth, suggesting that alcohol doesn't necessarily make people appear more attractive due to facial symmetry. In their study, participants, including intoxicated individuals, rated natural faces as more attractive than asymmetrical ones.
Researchers conducted a study involving over 20,000 women to understand how age affects preferences for a romantic partner. They found that while most preferences, such as kindness and supportiveness, remain constant regardless of age, older women tend to prefer more confident, assertive partners and are more open to a wider age range, including younger partners.
Researchers systematically reviewed and meta-analyzed research from 1980 to 2023 to investigate the relationship between cat ownership and schizophrenia-related disorders. Out of 1915 studies initially identified, 17 were included in the final analysis.