inflammatory bowel disease

This shows neurons in the PFC

Gut instincts: Researchers discover first clues on how gut health influences brain health

Mice bred to be germ-free, and those treated with antibiotics showed a significant reduction in the ability to learn that a threatening danger was no longer present. Sequencing the RNA of microglia in the brains of the animals reveals altered gene expression in the immune cells, which play a role in remodeling how neurons connect during the learning process. Restoring the gut microbiota reverse the learning problems.... Read More...
This shows the outline of two children's heads

Increased risk of psychiatric disorders in children with inflammatory bowel disease

Children with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are at increased risk of being diagnosed with a mental health problem. The risk of being diagnosed with a psychiatric condition is 1.6 times higher for those with IBD than the general population. IBD is associated with an increased risk of eating disorders, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, and ASD diagnosis. Researchers report there is also an increased risk of suicidal thoughts when the child reaches adulthood. The risk of being diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder was highest during the first year of IBD diagnosis, especially in children diagnosed with the condition before the age of 6.... Read More...