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The Symphony of the Mind: Top Neuroscience News Discoveries of the Week – June 30, 2023

Summary: This week in neuroscience, we uncover the unseen orchestra of electric fields in our brains and the potential of extra virgin olive oil in the battle against Alzheimer’s disease, thanks to AI.

We learn about the nerve cells that can press ‘pause’ on all our movements, explore the striking contrast between psychedelic trips and near-death experiences, and outline eight life habits that can add up to 24 years to your lifespan.

Source: Neuroscience News

Welcome to your weekly digest of neuroscience discoveries, where we shed light on the fascinating enigmas of the brain and delve into the mind’s mysteries.

These are the top five stories that have had our community enthralled this week.

#5: Electric Fields: The Unseen Conductor Orchestrating Our Brain’s Symphony

Researchers at MIT explored the captivating world of electric fields, the brain’s invisible conductors.

Credit: Neuroscience News

These fields, the byproducts of neural activity, choreograph brain functions much like a maestro guiding an orchestra.

The study reveals that electric fields synchronize vital brain regions during memory tasks, better understanding our brain’s operations and paving the way for advanced brain-controlled prosthetics.

#4: AI Unlocks Olive Oil’s Potential in Alzheimer’s Battle

Artificial intelligence uncovers an unexpected ally in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease: extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).

AI-aided research that identified ten EVOO-derived phytochemicals that show promise against Alzheimer’s.

This study reinforces the neuroprotective attributes of a Mediterranean diet, rich in EVOO, in mitigating cognitive decline and dementia.

#3: Nerve Cells Found That Halt All Movement

Scientists identify a unique set of nerve cells that can pause all movement, akin to hitting the ‘pause’ button on a movie.

Found in the midbrain’s pedunculopontine nucleus (PPN), these cells halt even breathing and heart rate in mice, suggesting a state of heightened attention rather than fear.

This discovery offers valuable insights into the motor symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease.

#2: Journeys Beyond: Contrasting Psychedelic Trips and Near-Death Experiences

A new study voyages into the unknown, comparing near-death experiences (NDEs) during a coma with those induced by the psychedelic 5-Methoxy-DMT (5MeO-DMT).

Although the researchers found shared themes of ego dissolution and transcendence of space-time, distinct characteristics like life review and the sense of no return were exclusive to NDEs.

Despite similarities, the experiences were reported as distinctively different.

#1: Eight Habits for Longevity: Life-Lengthening Factors Increase Lifespan by 24 Years

A comprehensive study reveals eight lifestyle habits that could add up to 24 additional years of life expectancy.

These factors include physical activity, absence of opioid addiction, nonsmoking, stress management, good diet, controlled alcohol consumption, sound sleep hygiene, and positive social relationships.

The study emphasizes that these healthier habits can reduce chronic diseases and enhance longevity, even if adopted later in life.

Thanks for reading.

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