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This shows cells from a cerebral organoid

Not ‘brains in a dish’: Cerebral organoids flunk comparison to developing nervous system

Hailed by many as a breakthrough for neuroscience research, a new study reports brain-in-a-dish models may not be as useful as reported previously. The study reports instead of differentiating normally into the brain's distinctive cell types, cerebral organoids often express mixed genes normally found in different kinds of cells.... Read More...
This shows part of the brain map

Google and Janelia researchers unveil biggest, most detailed map of the fly brain to date

FlyEM, a team of scientists from Google and the Janelia Research Campus at Howard Hughes Medical Institute, has released the most complete map of the fly brain ever created. The map pinpoints millions of connections between 25,000 neurons. The researchers have made the data free online, along with all of the tools necessary to use it.... Read More...
This shows a sea star on a beach

Findings about sea star locomotion could aid in development of simpler, decentralized systems in robotics

Much of a sea star's locomotion is determined by local sensory-motor response at the tube feet level as opposed to global sensory-motor commands. It appears the nervous system relies on the physics of the interaction between the body and the environment to control movement. The findings will help with the development of new robotic systems that utilize a decentralized component to learn hierarchically.... Read More...