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This shows a brain
Post-mortem studies of COVID-19 patients revealed significant signs of neuroinflammation and impaired brain circuits which researchers believe were caused by the disease. Researchers said the changes noticed in the brains of COVID patients were similar to the changes that occur in both Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
This shows a person making a heart symbol with their hands on a sunny beach
People report mental distress is reduced in the Summer compared to the Fall. Researchers speculate the seasonal improvement in mental wellbeing could be a result of improved diet, more frequent exercise, and improved sleep quality during the Summer months.

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This shows a heart with the word mama and a baby drawn inside
Pregnant women with a history of migraines are at greater risk of both prenatal and postnatal complications. A new study found migraine sufferers are at increased risk of hyperlipidemia and gestational diabetes during pregnancy, and postnatal depression following the birth of their child.

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This shows a depressed little boy
A twenty-year study has identified an association between childhood depression and an increased risk of physical and mental health problems as adults. Researchers found those with childhood depression had a greater risk of anxiety, substance use disorders, physical health problems, and an increased risk of engaging in criminal activity as adults.

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