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This shows a woman with arthritic hands
In rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation in one joint is transmitted to other joints via the sensory neuron connections in the spinal cord, leading to inflammation in the other joints. Inflammation in one joint led to an increase in ATP in other joints, which triggered an increase of a signaling molecule that resulted in inflammation. Blocking the pathway reduced the spread of inflammation.

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Transplanting fecal microbiota from young mice to older mice reversed hallmark signs of aging in the gut, brains, and eyes. Transplanting the fecal microbiota from old to young mice had the reverse effect, inducing inflammation in the brain and depleting a key protein associated with healthy vision.
This cartoon shows a brain with a lock around it and a man holding a key
Disulfiram, a drug commonly prescribed to treat chronic alcohol addiction, was shown to reduce anxiety levels in rodent models. The drug inhibits FROUNT protein and chemokine signaling pathways under its influence, suppressing overall glutamate transmission in the brain. This, in turn, helps reduce overall activity. The findings may signal a new way to treat anxiety in humans.