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This shows wooden dolls on different colored spots on the floor
A newly developed play therapy platform is helping older adults with dementia improve a range of flagging cognitive skills from concentration to memory. Read More
This shows a person blowing their nose
Researchers link the inflammation associated with chronic sinus infections to alterations in brain activity in networks that govern cognition, external stimuli, and introspection. The findings shed light on why people suffering from sinus infections often report poor concentration and other short-term cognitive problems. Read More

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This shows a bowl of chips and a bowl of popcorn
Snacking on unhealthy foods late at night was associated with problematic physical symptoms, including headaches and stomach aches the next morning. Additionally, snacking on junk foods before bed was associated with negative moods the next day. The changes in both physical and mental symptoms were, in turn, associated with decreased performance at work. Read More

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