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This shows a man's nose
A majority of Parkinson's patients report a diminished sense of smell, which starts to occur a number of years before the onset of other symptoms. Researchers are exploring whether scent-processing neurons which connect the nose to the brain may play a role in the development of Parkinson's disease.

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This shows a woman breastfeeding a newborn
While the positive impact of breastfeeding on babies is well known, little is known about the positive benefits for the mother. A new study reveals women who breastfed their children performed better on cognitive tests at age 50 than those who fed their children with an alternative method.

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This shows a sad looking woman
Mothers who report estrangement from their adult children report they often believe their ex-husbands, and the current partner of the child is responsible for the break in their relationships. Additionally, some cite mental health problems experienced by their child as a factor for estrangement.
This shows a brain
A new study reveals how adipocytes, or fat cells, play a role in cognitive decline and increased neurodegeneration risks. Using genetically modified mouse models, researchers found oxidative stress through exposure to a Western diet increased the production of inflammatory cytokines confined to adipocytes and altered protein markers of memory and cognition in the hippocampus.