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This shows a person carrying a mop and bucket
Older adults who continue to perform household chores have better cognition, attention span, and physical strength compared to those who no longer do their own home keeping chores. Housework in older adults was also linked to a decreased risk of falls.

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This shows ocular motor neurons
People with ALS have 2.5-fold higher levels of arachidonic acid, a lipid commonly found in fatty parts of meat and fish that spurs on inflammatory process, in their spinal motor cells than people without the disease. Treatment with caffeic acid, an anti-inflammatory compound naturally found in coffee, tea, and tomatoes, reduced some of the symptoms associated with ALS, and extended lifespan in animal models.

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This shows a brain and a finger shooting lightening out of it
Combining deep-brain stimulation with intracranial EEG, researchers achieved an individualized understanding of specific brain networks that contributed to an individual's depression symptoms and identified stimulation patterns best suited to each patient for symptom relief.
This shows a psychedelic brain
A growing body of evidence suggests psychedelics including psilocybin and LSD show promise in providing lasting relief from symptoms for those suffering some mental health disorders. Researchers found DOI, a similar drug to LSD, reduced negative behavioral responses following fear triggers in mouse models of anxiety.

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