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This is a cartoon of a man in a facemask
The coronavirus pandemic has sparked an increase of people reporting feelings of paranoia, especially in states where there is low adherence to mask mandates. Researchers report paranoia was associated with an increased acceptance of conspiracy theories, including believing anti-vaccine information and Q-Anon conspiracies.

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This shows a smog filled city at sunset
Previous studies have linked air pollution to an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease and a number of other disorders. Researchers report reducing air pollution significantly decreases dementia risk and slows cognitive decline in older women.
This shows 4 multi colored brains
From treating depression and other mental health disorders, to helping relieve chronic pain, researchers discuss the advantages and implications of psychedelic treatments.

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This shows two heads
People will empathize with others when they recognize them as opportunities to show empathy, but often notice the feelings with others without flagging them as an opportunity to empathize.

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