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This shows a heart with the word mama and a baby drawn inside
Pregnant women with a history of migraines are at greater risk of both prenatal and postnatal complications. A new study found migraine sufferers are at increased risk of hyperlipidemia and gestational diabetes during pregnancy, and postnatal depression following the birth of their child.
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A new study sheds light on how COVID-19 has impacted sleep and mental health. Researchers found 32.9% of people reported a decrease in sleep and 29.8% said they slept more during the lockdown. Changes in sleep patterns correlated with self-reported mental health difficulties during this time, which mostly led to sleep loss.

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Study reveals the surface features of human prions responsible for their replication in the brain. The findings provide a template to identify structurally important sites on other misfolded proteins, such as those associated with Alzheimer's disease.

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A twenty-year study has identified an association between childhood depression and an increased risk of physical and mental health problems as adults. Researchers found those with childhood depression had a greater risk of anxiety, substance use disorders, physical health problems, and an increased risk of engaging in criminal activity as adults.
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From reflective journaling to creative prose, writing can help boost self-esteem, deepen a sense of self-control, and improve self-awareness. Writing can also help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

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