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Open Neuroscience Articles

Open Neuroscience Articles are research articles that use at least one Open Access research paper as a reference.

Image shows a wine glass.

Low Levels of Alcohol May Be Good For the Brain

According to researchers, a small alcoholic drink each day may be beneficial for brain health. Using mice, researchers found low levels of alcohol consumption is associated with less brain inflammation and a more effective glymphatic system. This allows CSF to flow more efficiently through the brain and remove waste that can lead to neurodegenerative diseases.... Read More...
a baby hand

Postnatal Depression Has Greater Impact on Child Development When it is Persistent and Severe

According to researchers, postnatal depression that last longer than 6 months can have severe implications for children as they grow. The study reveals children of mothers who experienced persistent PND were more likely to have behavioral problems, achieve lower grades in exams and have an increased risk of developing depression by age 18.... Read More...