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Open Neuroscience Articles are research articles that use at least one Open Access research paper as a reference.

This shows a fractured outline of a head and GATC written in the background

PTSD has strong genetic component like other psychiatric disorders

Genetic data from more than 200,000 people reveals PTSD, like many other psychiatric disorders, is highly polygenic. Six loci harbor variants were strongly associated with an increased risk of PTSD. The loci hints that inflammatory and immune mechanisms may be involved in the disorder. The study also revealed a significant overlap with 21 genes implicated in depression, schizophrenia, neuroticism, insomnia, asthma, and coronary artery disease.... Read More...
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Dog ownership associated with longer life, especially among heart attack and stroke survivors

Owning a dog was associated with a 33% lower risk of death for heart attack survivors who lived alone, and a 27% reduced risk for those who suffered a stroke, compared to those who did not own a pet. Additionally, dog ownership was linked to a 24% reduced risk of all-cause mortality and a 31% reduced risk of death by heart attack or stroke.... Read More...
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Study pinpoints Alzheimer’s plaque emergence early and deep in the brain

Researchers use SWITCH technology to label amyloid plaques in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease so they could be imaged in fine detail at different ages. They were consistently able to see the plaques first emerged in deep brain structures and tracked circuits, such as the Papez memory circuit, to spread throughout the brain as the animal aged.... Read More...