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Neuroscience Videos

These articles have neuroscience videos included with the research. Visit the article and you will see the neuroscience related video embedded in the article. You can play the video from the page, or enlarge the video to full screen to watch it. When a video is open, you can often pick many other neuroscience videos to watch. Join us at YouTube.com/NeuroscienceNews for neuroscience videos as well.

Image shows a football helmet and a ball.

High Prevalence of Evidence of CTE in Brains of Deceased Football Players

A new JAMA study reveals chronic traumatic encephalopathy was present in a high number of brains of former football players. Researchers looked at the brains of former high school, college and NFL football players. Of the 202 brains analyzed, 177 showed signs of CTE. 110 of the 111 former NFL players' brains were diagnosed with CTE. Researchers say that, while the findings are significant, the findings could have limitations due to the players' families being motivated to donate the brains as a result of public awareness of the lasting effects of head injuries in football players.... Read More...
Image shows an optical illustion of a triangle and neurons.

Artificial Intelligence Helps Build Brain Atlas of Fly Behavior

Using machine learning, researchers have created a comprehensive brain map that links different groups of neurons to specific behaviors in fruit fly brains. The study, published in Cell, reports the AI used more than 225 days of video footage to help create the map. Left in human hands, the work would have taken an estimated 3,800 years to complete. ... Read More...