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brain mapping

Image shows a brain.

Study Reveals Most Impactful Neuroscience Research

A new paper identifies 100 of the most cited neuroscience research papers. Of these papers, 78 focus on five topics. According to the authors of the paper, the most cited neuroscience research topics include the prefrontal cortex, neural connectivity, methodology, brain mapping and neurological disorders. The findings could have significant impact for future neuroscience studies.... Read More...
Image shows a diagram of the visual system in the brain.

Blueprint For Adult Visual System Present at Birth

A new study from Harvard researchers reveals that in primates, the blueprint for adult visual organization is in place a few days after birth and 'fills in' with experience. Researchers believe that, as the organization is present so early on in life, it is likely present before birth as a genetically programmed mechanism, and later modified due to experience.... Read More...
Image shows an optical illustion of a triangle and neurons.

Artificial Intelligence Helps Build Brain Atlas of Fly Behavior

Using machine learning, researchers have created a comprehensive brain map that links different groups of neurons to specific behaviors in fruit fly brains. The study, published in Cell, reports the AI used more than 225 days of video footage to help create the map. Left in human hands, the work would have taken an estimated 3,800 years to complete. ... Read More...