Photo of brain of an alzheimer's patients.

Benzodiazepines May Increase Dementia Risk

A new study reports benzodiazepines such as Valium and Xanax significantly increase the risk for developing dementia in elderly people who have taken the medications for three months or more.
Illustration of the artificial artery.

Crafting Artificial Arteries

Researchers develop a new technique which can allow organic molecules to assemble into complex tubular tissue like structures without the use of moulds or 3D printing.
Drawing of a brain with a lightening bolt inside it.

New Prosthesis Could Help Alzheimer’s Patients Re-Encode Memories

A new neuroprosthesis has been developed to bypass a damaged section of the hippocampus and provide a neighboring area with correctly translated memory. The device could help people with Alzheimer's disease or those who have problems with memory following brain injury.