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University of Warwick

a child covering their ears

Sibling Bullying Makes Psychiatric Disorders 3 Times More Likely

Researchers have discovered a link between sibling bullying and an increased risk of developing a psychiatric disorder during early adulthood. The study reports those who are bullied by siblings are three times more likely to be diagnosed with disorders, such as schizophrenia, by the time they reach adulthood. Those who are bullied at home and at school are four times more likely to develop psychiatric disorders, researchers note. ... Read More...
Image shows tanycyte cells.

Brain Cells That Control Appetite Identified

Recent findings from University of Warwick researchers could help find new treatments to control eating habits that lead to obesity. Researchers discovered tanycytes detect amino acids from food and directly 'tell' the brain when we feel full. Certain food, such as chicken, lentils and avocados, activate tanycytes and make us feel fuller quicker.... Read More...