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Large survey suggests schizophrenia less prevalent than textbooks say

A systematic review of medical literature reveals schizophrenia is overall less common than previously thought. Researchers say the 0.5% estimate for lifetime prevalence of schizophrenia, often reported in textbooks, is significantly overestimated. Additional findings from the review were that schizophrenia is more prevalent in developed countries than poorer countries, and immigrants have higher rates of schizophrenia diagnoses than native-born people.... Read More...
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Jogging and five other exercises ward off weight gain despite ‘obesity genes’

For those with a genetic predisposition to obesity, partaking in six specific types of exercise can help combat weight gain. Jogging, yoga, power walking, certain types of dancing and mountain climbing can help reduce BMI in those with a predisposition to obesity. Surprisingly, cycling, swimming, and games like Dance Dance Revolution did not counteract the genetic effects on obesity.... Read More...
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Bacteria in fermented food signal the human immune system, explaining health benefits

A metabolite produced by lactic acid bacteria binds to the third hydroxycarboxylic acid receptor (HCA), signalling the immune system. Researchers believe the receptor evolved to allow great apes to consume foods that were starting to decay. They suggest the receptor could mediate some beneficial and anti-inflammatory effects of lactic acid in humans, and could serve as a target to treat inflammatory diseases.... Read More...