This shows a diagram of the gut

Bacteria in fermented food signal the human immune system, explaining health benefits

A metabolite produced by lactic acid bacteria binds to the third hydroxycarboxylic acid receptor (HCA), signalling the immune system. Researchers believe the receptor evolved to allow great apes to consume foods that were starting to decay. They suggest the receptor could mediate some beneficial and anti-inflammatory effects of lactic acid in humans, and could serve as a target to treat inflammatory diseases.... Read More...
This shows the myelin regrowth on neurons

Stem cells from hair follicles have potential to repair myelin sheath in mice

Melanocyte stem cells from human hair follicles that carry CD34 have the ability to turn into glial cells. The CD34+ stem cells can regenerate myelin, both on neurons and in mouse models with a genetic defect that prevents the formation of healthy myelin sheaths. The findings could have positive implications for the treatment of demyelinating diseases, such as Multiple Sclerosis.... Read More...