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Study suggests possible link between sugary drinks and cancer

An observational study found a link between sugary drink consumption and an increased risk of cancer. 100ml of sugary drinks per day was associated with an 18% risk of cancer overall, and a 22% increased risk of breast cancer. Researchers speculate the effect of sugar in sodas and fruit juices may be tied to blood sugar levels and inflammation, which are linked to the development of cancer. Other compounds, such as additives, may also play a role.... Read More...
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Two new algorithms can identify patients at risk of HIV

A new machine learning algorithm automatically selected important risk-related variables of HIV from millions of medical records. The algorithm can detect those most vulnerable to HIV infection and could play an important role in increasing the prescription of preexposure prophylaxis medications to prevent infection.... Read More...
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Top global public health scientists launch new challenge to anti-vaxxers

Recently, the WHO declared vaccine hesitancy one of the top ten international public health problems. They report the crisis is man-made, unnecessary and dangerous. Researchers are calling on search engines and social media organizations to do more to stem anti-vaccine rhetoric, and stop the spread of disinformation surrounding vaccinations. They also call for governments to better support mandatory immunization programs. ... Read More...