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Don’t overdo omega-6 fat consumption during pregnancy

Consuming too much omega 6 during pregnancy has been linked to an increased risk of neurodevelopmental issues in babies and pregnancy complications. In mice who had higher levels of linoleic acid in their diets, researchers noted altered concentrations of inflammatory proteins and a decrease in hormones that regulate fetal growth and development. Researchers stress the effects of a high linoleic acid concentration in diet are the same for both animal models and humans.... Read More...
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Want to help the vaccine hesitant become pro-vaccine? Have them meet someone with a vaccine-preventable disease

Researchers report one method to help combat anti-vaccine information and reduce vaccine hesitancy is to introduce those with negative views about immunizations to someone who has suffered a vaccine-preventable disease. The study reports 70% of students who were exposed to someone with a vaccine-preventable disease moved from vaccine hesitancy to pro-vaccine. Overall, 75% of those who were anti-vaccine increased their vaccine attitude scores, with 50% moving to a pro-vaccine stance.... Read More...
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Current vaccination policies may not be enough to prevent measles resurgence

Current vaccination policies are not sufficient to eliminate measles or prevent against future epidemics in the developed world, researchers report. Introducing compulsory vaccinations before entering school would allow the US, UK and Ireland to reach stable levels of herd immunity in the next ten years, thus helping to avoid future epidemics of the most lethal vaccine-preventable disease.... Read More...