autoimmune diseases

This shows the HIV virus

Newly discovered immune cells at the frontline of HIV infection

A newly discovered subset of dendritic cells have been implicated in sexually transmitted HIV infection. The CD11c+ dendritic cells are found in human genital tissue at the epithelial level. They are the first immune cells to interact with the HIV virus. The cells directly transfer the virus to CD4 T cells, making them key drivers in HIV transmission.... Read More...
This shows a woman holding her head

Fibromyalgia linked to variations in microbiome composition

Using a range of clinical techniques, including deep learning, researcher identify changes in the microbiome of people with fibromyalgia which were not associated with diet, medications or aging. Additionally, the severity of symptoms was directly correlated with an increased presence, or more pronounced absence, of certain bacterias.... Read More...
This is a DNA strand

12 genes at the root of multiple sclerosis identified

12 genes associated with familial multiple sclerosis have been identified. The findings provide a molecular rationale for the chronic inflammation, demyelination and neurodegeneration associated with MS. Identifying new genetic targets could help with the development of novel treatments to prevent multiple sclerosis in those with a genetic risk.... Read More...