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Siblings of Children with ASD or ADHD Are At Elevated Risk of Both Disorders

According to a new study, siblings of children diagnosed with ASD or ADHD have an increased risk of being diagnosed with the disorders themselves. Researchers found the odds of being diagnosed with ASD were 30 times higher for those who had older siblings with autism, and 3.7 times higher for ADHD diagnosis.... Read More...
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ADHD May Increase Parkinson’s Risk

A new study reports those with ADHD are at an increased risk of developing Parkinson's disease. The study reveals people with ADHD are twice as likely to develop early onset Parkinson's between the ages of 21-66. Additionally, those who are prescribed stimulant medications to help reduce ADHD symptoms, including Ritalin and Adderal, are at a 6-8 times increased risk of developing Parkinson's.... Read More...