Electrophysiology research articles can cover research involving whole cell patch-clamp recordings, voltage clamping, current clamping, multielectrode arrays, EEG, brain machine interfaces, field potentials, neural prosthetics, deep brain stimulation, synaptic plasticity and other work.

Drawing of a busy road system and traffic lights.

A Day in the Life of a Synapse

According to a new study, researchers have developed a new technique that has allowed them to track the daily dynamics of all the dendritic spines on a single neuron in the brain of a living mouse.
Diagram shows superactivation of ampa receptors.

Superactivation at Synapses?

A new study reports on how neurons can react quickly, or at a slower pace, depending on what they are required to do.
Image shows axons and dendrites of different neurons.

Untangling the Wiring of the Neocortex

Researchers decipher the neural connections of the mouse neocortex, an area of the brain that appears to play a key role in perception and cognition.