The image shows elecrophysiology slides of the zebrafish.

The Smoking Gun: Fish Brains and Nicotine

A new study hones in on one particular region of the zebrafish brain which could provide better understanding of the neural circuitry underlying nicotine addiction.
This image shows the structural alterations of the TIM23 channel. The caption best describes the image.

Peering into the Protein Pathways of a Cell

Researchers have captured the structural dynamics of the mitochondrion using fluorescent probes. This mapping could provide insights into the underlying causes of neurodegeneration associated with mitochondrial malfunction.
This is an image of a living neuron.

What Do Memories Look Like?

Researchers engineered microscopic probes which light up synapses in living neurons by attaching fluorescent markers onto synaptic proteins without affecting the neuron's ability to function.