This image shows a rat with a light beam going into its head.

Shining a Light on Memory

Using optogenetics, researchers have been able to inactivate and then reactivate memory in genetically engineered rats.
This image shows gamma waves behind a purple brain.

How Brains Remember and Correct

Researchers detect brief bursts of neural activity oscillating in two specific areas of a mouse brain just before the animal makes a correct choice, either when planning an action or correcting a mistake.
The image shows Xenopus tadpoles.

Timing Is Everything

Researchers show how the brain re-wires and fine tunes its connections differently, depending on the relative timing of sensory information.
The image shows the different cerebral ateries from a sagittal section of the human brain.

Sex-Specific Changes in Cerebral Blood Flow Begin at Puberty

Different levels of cerebral blood flow between males and females during puberty could give hints to developing differences in behavior between the two sexes and sex-specific pre-disposition to certain psychiatric disorders, a new study suggests.