The image is a diagram showing the different reactions between the sexes.

Our Connection to Content

MIT's Innerscope Research uses a range of neuroscience tools to explore the connections between media and the consumer.
The image shows arteries in the brain.

Taking the Pulse of Aging

Researchers have developed a new, non invasive technique to map the pulse pressure and elasticity of arteries in the brain.
The image is a diagram which shows how gut bacteria can influence unhealthy eating.

Do Gut Bacteria Rule Our Minds?

New research investigates how gut bacteria could affect our cravings and moods in order to consume the nutrients they require to grow best.
The image is a diagram showing the difference in frequencies.

Bats Bolster Brain Hypothesis

A new study on how bats use echolocation lends support to the temporal binding hypothesis and could also have positive implications for new technology development.