image of the master clock in the mouse brain

VIP Treatment for Jet Lag

VIP, a molecule which desynchronizes the cells in the biological clock help also helps the circadian clock adjust more quickly to abrupt shifts in light/dark schedules.
This fMRI shows the activity during deep sleep and wakefulness.

Helping SAD Sufferers Sleep Soundly

A new study shows sufferers of seasonally affective disorder (SAD), like insomniacs, report sleep patterns incorrectly due to depression.
Diagram illustrating the influence of dark-light rhythms on circadian rhythms and related physiology and behavior.

Key Protein is Linked to Circadian Clocks, Helps Regulate Metabolism

A new study reveals how the production of p75NTR protein oscillates in time with the body's natural circadian rhythm and how these oscillations help regulate vital metabolic functions. The findings offer an insight into how circadian rhythm helps maintain the body's overall metabolic health.
The image shows a mapped brain. The caption best describes the image.

Scientists Map the Wiring of the Biological Clock

Researchers report the discovery of a crucial part of the biological clock: the wiring that sets its accuracy to within a few minutes out of the 1440 minutes per day. The wiring uses GABA to connect the individual cells of the biological clock in a fast network which changes strength with the time of day.