Brain Cancer

Brain Cancer research articles are listed. Brain cancer articles cover topics such as diagnosis, brain tumors, chemotherapy, gamma knife technology, brain cancer treatments, glioblastomas, stem cell research, neurosurgery, medicine, genetics, neurology, and other brain research.

This shows a blue brain

Non-invasive electrical stimulation alters blood flow in brain tumors

After a single session of transcranial electrical stimulation (tES), researchers noted a significant reduction in blood flow to brain tumors. However, there were no alterations in blood flow or activity in the rest of the brain. The technique may be helpful in the treatment of brain cancers such as glioblastoma.... Read More...
This shows diversity in GBM cells

Study hints at why an aggressive form of brain cancer is hard to treat

Genetics and microenvironment influence the frequency of glioblastoma cells. Researchers provide a new blueprint for glioblastoma, integrating the malignant cell programs, cancer cell plasticity, and modulation by genetic drivers. The findings shed light on why this form of cancer is so hard to treat effectively.... Read More...