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visual cortex

This shows an EEG readout from the study

Ayahuasca DMT compound changes brainwaves to vivid ‘waking-dream’ state

DMT alters electrical activity in the brain. The compound significantly decreases alpha wave activity, the dominant rhythm associated with wakefulness, and increases theta waves, associated with dreaming. Overall brain activity becomes more chaotic and less predictable. The findings advance the understanding of the neurobiological underpinnings of immersive states of consciousness.... Read More...
This shows a woman with her face painted multiple colors

Human perception of colors does not rely entirely on language

Based on the study of a stroke patient with damage to the occipito-temporal brain region, researchers made a big discovery about color categorization. They reveal color categorization and naming can be independent in the human brain. The finding challenges long-standing theories of the mandatory involvement of language in adult human cognition and color discrimination.... Read More...