This shows an exhausted mom with a baby loading a washing machine

Parental burnout can lead to harmful outcomes for parent and child

Psychologists warn parental burnout needs to be taken more seriously by both partners and clinicians. A new study reveals burnt out parents experience escape ideations, and show an increased risk of neglect and violence toward their children. Supporting a parent experiencing burnout by letting them relax and avoid exhaustion reduces negative feelings and is also good for the children.... Read More...
parents and a newborn are shown sleeping

Sleep and exercise affect new moms differently than new dads

Fathers who sleep more than other fathers experience lower overall well-being and closeness with their partners and children, while women who are able to sleep more report a greater sense of well-being. The study also found exercise impacts parental moods, reporting on days where men exercise more than usual, they are less likely to argue. By contrast, mothers who embark on more physical activity during the day experienced higher levels of emotional negativity and were more likely to have arguments. Researchers speculate this could be a result of paternal 'stress' of taking up the primary caregiving role for a time to allow his wife time to herself, causing a more argumentative state in males.... Read More...