This shows a dad and toddler

Context may explain why dads are happier and less stressed than moms

The differences between each parents' stress and happiness may boil down to how, and when, childcare activities are split between the parties. Fathers tend to be less stressed and happier, especially if their childcare activities are more recreational. Maternal stress is higher, and happiness is lower, as they tend to provide more of the hands-on parenting. ... Read More...
This shows an exhausted mom with a baby loading a washing machine

Parental burnout can lead to harmful outcomes for parent and child

Psychologists warn parental burnout needs to be taken more seriously by both partners and clinicians. A new study reveals burnt out parents experience escape ideations, and show an increased risk of neglect and violence toward their children. Supporting a parent experiencing burnout by letting them relax and avoid exhaustion reduces negative feelings and is also good for the children.... Read More...