oxidative stress

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Biomarker for schizophrenia can be detected in human hair

Mouse models and human postmortem brain tissue sample studies reveal a subtype of schizophrenia is related to abnormally high levels of hydrogen sulfide in the brain. Hair follicle analysis of patients with this schizophrenia subtype revealed higher expression of MPST mRNA than in those without the condition. MPST is linked to the production of hydrogen sulfide. The findings may lead to new tests to determine if a patient has the schizophrenia subtype from a simple hair sample analysis.... Read More...
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Offspring of pregnant women exposed to high level of pollutants may have lower IQs

Maternal exposure to higher levels of air pollution is associated with lower IQ scores in their children. For those whose mothers were in the highest 10% of exposure had IQ score that were, on average, 2.5 points lower than those whose mothers were in the lowest 10%. However, higher maternal folate levels appear to neurtralize the effect of high pollution exposure on offspring.... Read More...