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Autism and sensory processing: Avoiding the sensory overload at the root of meltdowns

Sensory processing difficulties associated with ASD, ADHD, and PTSD often result in 'meltdown' behaviors. While researchers are making headway into discovering the mechanisms behind sensory dysfunction, many in society do not understand the implications of the disorder. Researchers tackle how to prevent meltdowns associated with sensory processing disorders, and consider how social inclusion can help break the stigma.... Read More...
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Determined DNA hunt reveals schizophrenia clue

NAPRT1, a gene that encodes an enzyme involved in vitamin B3 metabolism, may be a risk factor for schizophrenia. Knocking out the gene in zebrafish models, researchers discovered brain development became impaired. Without NAPRT1, the fish brains failed to divide symmetrically, which is significant as defects in the corpus callosum have been identified in those with schizophrenia.... Read More...
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Autism health challenges could be explained by problem behaviors

A new study explores the relationship between problem behaviors associated with autism and gastrointestinal symptoms. Findings suggest younger children on the autism spectrum with aggressive problem behaviors are 11.2% more likely to have co-occurring nausea, whereas older children with ASD had more complex relationships between internalizing symptoms and GI problems.... Read More...