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King’s College London

Image shows a brain.

Premature Birth Linked to Older ‘Brain Age’ in Adulthood

A Neuroimaging study, conducted by King's College London researchers, reveals accelerated brain aging during adulthood for those born very prematurely. Researchers noted those born preterm tended to have smaller global gray matter volume and some brain structure changes in areas associate with spatial abilities and behavior control in adulthood.... Read More...
Image shows a letter X.

Risk for Bipolar Disorder Associated with Faster Aging

A new study in Neuropsychopharmacology reveals an association between faster aging and bipolar depression. Researchers discovered those with bipolar disorder who did not take lithum had shorter telomere length than those with the disorder who took the medication. The study suggests reduced telomere length could reduce hippocampal neurogenesis, increasing the risk for mood disorders.... Read More...
Image shows the researcher and a participant in a headband.

Brain Stimulation May Improve Cognitive Performance in Those With Schizophrenia

Researchers at King's College London report transcranial direct current stimulation can help to improve cognitive function in those with Schizophrenia. The researchers found the improvement in cognitive performance was seen 24 hours after the initial stimulation was applied. They suggest the changes make not be instantaneous, and may take some time to occur.... Read More...