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This is a DNA double helix

Genetics influence how protective childhood vaccines are for individual infants

A large, genome-wide study in children reveals genetic variants associated with differing levels of antibodies produced as a result of three common childhood vaccinations. Researchers identified two genetic loci associated with the persistence of vaccine-induced immunity following early life vaccinations. The results may help clinicians tailor personalized vaccine schedules to maximize the effectiveness of immunizations.... Read More...
This shows a virus like protein structure

Memory Preserver: Researchers Develop Vaccine That Could Protect Against Alzheimer’s

Researchers have engineered a vaccine using virus-like particles that target Tau tangles in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease. Following the administration of the vaccine, the mice developed antibodies that cleared tau proteins, with the response lasting for a month. The mice also showed improvements in memory based tests and had less brain shrinkage than their peers who did not receive the vaccine. This suggests the vaccine prevented apoptosis. Researchers hope to move the vaccine to human clinical trials in the future.... Read More...
This is a DNA strand

12 genes at the root of multiple sclerosis identified

12 genes associated with familial multiple sclerosis have been identified. The findings provide a molecular rationale for the chronic inflammation, demyelination and neurodegeneration associated with MS. Identifying new genetic targets could help with the development of novel treatments to prevent multiple sclerosis in those with a genetic risk.... Read More...