cognitive decline

This shows brain scans

As plaque deposits increase in the aging brain, money management falters

Older adults who experience problems completing simple financial tasks, such as calculating their change, may be at increased risk of Alzheimer's disease. Problems with financial management have often been associated with later stage dementia. A new study reveals this could be one of the earliest signs of dementia and may be correlated with a build-up of amyloid plaque deposits.... Read More...
this shows the effect of antibiotic treatment on ab in mouse models

Antibiotic treatment alleviates Alzheimer’s disease symptoms in male mice

Study reports specific gut bacteria can influence the development of Alzheimer's disease. In mouse models, long term antibiotic treatment reduced inflammation and the formation of amyloid plaques. However, the reduction was only seen in males. Additionally, the antibiotic treatment altered the activation of microglia in the male mouse models.... Read More...