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Image shows a depressed looking woman.

Women Who Attempt Suicide Exhibit Different Protein Levels Years After the Attempt

Binghampton University researchers report women with a history of suicide attempts express lower levels of BDNF, a protein critical for the creation and function of neurons, in their bloodstream. Researchers believe the level of BDNF found in the circulatory system may be a biomarker for suicidal behavior.... Read More...
Image shows a preteen girl sitting next to a window.

Child Abuse Can Impair Brain Wiring

McGill researchers report those who suffer from traumatic experiences during childhood, like severe abuse, show significant abnormalities in the structure and cell function in the anterior cingulate cortex, an area of the brain associated with emotion and mood regulation. Researchers believe these changes may contribute to depressive disorders and suicidal ideations, often considered a long term effect of trauma suffered during early life.... Read More...