new bone growth trepanned skull

Ancient Cranial Surgery

Ancient Peruvian healers practiced trepanation, a surgical procedure which involved removing a section of the cranial vault with a hand drill, over 1000 years ago in order to treat a variety of ailments, a new study reports.
The image shows the activity changes in the brain during the brain machine interface study.

New Tasks Become as Simple as Waving a Hand with Brain-Computer Interfaces

Researchers show that when humans use brain-computer interface technology, the brain behaves much like it does when completing simple motor skills such as waving a hand. This technology could help improve the daily lives of those who are paralyzed or lost specific abilities due to neurodegenerative diseases.
This is an old schematic of an artificial arm and hand.

Sense of Touch Reproduced Through Prosthetic Hand

Artificial sensors in a prosthetic hand allows rhesus macaques to sense tactile stimulus, according to a new study. A similar device could be used in human trials within the next year, researchers hope.
The image shows the robotic bat wing and a real bat.

Researchers Build Robotic Bat Wing

Building a robotic bat wing, researchers have uncovered flight secrets of real bats: the function of ligaments, the elasticity of skin, the structural support of musculature, skeletal flexibility, upstroke and downstroke.