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Image shows a football helmet and a ball.

High Prevalence of Evidence of CTE in Brains of Deceased Football Players

A new JAMA study reveals chronic traumatic encephalopathy was present in a high number of brains of former football players. Researchers looked at the brains of former high school, college and NFL football players. Of the 202 brains analyzed, 177 showed signs of CTE. 110 of the 111 former NFL players' brains were diagnosed with CTE. Researchers say that, while the findings are significant, the findings could have limitations due to the players' families being motivated to donate the brains as a result of public awareness of the lasting effects of head injuries in football players.... Read More...
Image shows an infographic with 9 ways to decrease dementia risk.

1 in 3 Cases of Dementia Are Preventable

Researchers have identified nine risk factors during different stages in life that may increase a person's likelihood of developing dementia. At least 35% of dementia cases, researchers say, may be directly linked to these risk factors. By taking steps to reduce risks and by improving education, it is estimated that the incidence of dementia can be reduced by as much as 20%.... Read More...

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