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Image shows a diagram of the visual system in the brain.

Blueprint For Adult Visual System Present at Birth

A new study from Harvard researchers reveals that in primates, the blueprint for adult visual organization is in place a few days after birth and 'fills in' with experience. Researchers believe that, as the organization is present so early on in life, it is likely present before birth as a genetically programmed mechanism, and later modified due to experience.... Read More...
strawberries are shown.

More Evidence That Natural Plant Compound May Reduce Aging’s Cognitive Effects

Researchers from Salk Institute have found additional evidence that fisetin, a natural compound found in strawberries, could help to treat cognitive decline and memory loss associated with aging. They discovered the compound reduced memory loss in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease. Based on the findings, researchers report fisetin could help prevent other age related neurodegenerative diseases.... Read More...
Image shows a head and a cogwheel.

Brain Training Has No Effect on Cognitive Function or Decision Making

Over the past few years, brain training programs have grown in popularity with claims of helping to improve memory and cognitive function. However, a new study in the Journal of Neuroscience reports a popular commercial brain training system had no effect on cognitive function beyond practice effects on the training tasks. They system also had no effect on decision making.... Read More...