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New neurons form in the brain into tenth decade of life, even in people with Alzheimer’s

Hippocampal neurogenesis continues to occur well into old age, and in those with Alzheimer's disease. Researchers found evidence of neurogenesis in people up to the age of 99. While neurogenesis continues to occur in those with Alzheimer's disease, it is significantly reduced compared to those who have normal cognitive function.... Read More...
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Technique Boosts Omega 3 Fatty Acid Levels in Brain 100 Fold

Adding a lysophospholipid form of EPA, LPC-EPA, to the diet increased omega 3 fatty acid levels up to 100 fold in the brains of mice, researchers report. The amount required for the boost in Omega 3 levels is less than a milligram a day. In humans, researchers report, the equivalent is less than a quarter of a gram of LPC-EPA per day to have the same effect.... Read More...