hippocampal slices

Alzheimer’s Protein Accidentally Transmitted to Patients Via Discontinued Medical Treatments

Researchers report human growth hormone, prepared from human tissue prior to 1985, may have been contaminated with seeds of the amyloid beta protein. In a new study, researchers injected mice with the original c-hGH batches containing amyloid beta which seeded amyloid pathology, even decades after storage. Findings support the hypothesis that the Alzheimer's causing proteins can be transmitted to from contaminated materials.... Read More...
a woman playing a guitar on the street

Beatboxers’ and Guitarists’ Brains Act Differently to Hearing Music

Researchers report different brain areas are activated when a guitarists and beatboxers hear previously unheard tracks by their instrument of choice. Beatboxers, researchers say, show increased activation in brain areas that control mouth movements, where as guitarists show activation in areas that control hand movements. The study sheds light on understanding brain areas involved in auditory perception.... Read More...