This shows a pregnant woman

Prenatal parental stress linked to behavior problems in toddlers

The prenatal wellbeing of first-time mothers has a direct effect on the behavior of children at 24 months. Mothers who experienced stress and anxiety while pregnant were more likely to have children who displayed behavioral problems, such as temper tantrums, spitefulness and restlessness. The children also exhibited emotional problems, including being clingy, tearfulness and unhappiness. Emotional problems were exacerbated if their parents experienced relationship problems during early pregnancy.... Read More...
This shows a pregnant woman

Autonomic nervous system appears to function well regardless of mode of childbirth

The autonomic nervous system and cortical systems function similarly in low-risk newborns whether they experienced labor and natural birth or were born via elective cesarean section. However, those who were delivered via C-Section following long periods of labor had increased accelerations in heart rate and lower gamma frequency EEG a day after birth than the other two groups.... Read More...