This shows the train tracks into Burkenau death camp

Third Reich’s legacy tied to present-day xenophobia and political intolerance

Study finds evidence that present-day Germans who live close to World War Two concentration camp sites are more xenophobic, more likely to support extreme right-wing politics, and less tolerant to immigrants and religious minorities. A similar link was previously established in the US between extreme political beliefs, racism, and living in close proximity to areas where owning slaves was the norm.... Read More...
This shows scrabble tiles spelling out politics

Stressed out: Americans making themselves sick over politics

Exposure to political news may be having a detrimental effect on the public health of the American people, researchers say. A new study reveals 40% of Americans surveyed say politics increases their stress levels, with 1 in 5 people actively losing sleep as a result of political exposure. 20% of those surveyed say politics has damaged interpersonal relationships, and 4% of the sample reported suicidal thoughts because of the current political climate.... Read More...